Finance Committee



Today’s finance committees do not need to be experts in accounting practices.  Save those folk for the yearly audit.  Today’s finance committees need to:

  • Understand their congregation: the ways members give, their capacity, giving habits and philanthropic interests
  • Available models for giving,
  • When and how to ask
  • Understand the three-fold means of giving:  Annual, Special and Legacy.  
  • Create and update a Ministry Funding Plan that captures all means of giving and directs those gifts toward common goals.
  • Have oversight over all three means of giving, and seek ways to inform the congregation how to plug-in to each form.  
  • Establish and annually review Gift Acceptance Policies and Endowment By-Laws.   
  • Select online software that connects giving to membership, and offers selective access to different groups who need to be able to segment givers by their interest areas.
  • Write, update and implement policies and training for Counters in order to normalize the reporting from week to week and facilitate accuracy.
  • Easy breezy.  Adopt the “Donor Bill of Rights” (see resources).  These guidelines are good and common practice across all not-for-profit organizations.  Teach them.  Abide by them.  Share them.  Maintain ethical practices for sharing donor information according to the Donor Bill of Rights.  

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